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Thank you for your interest in GUILD Billiard Products. We hope that this helps you to learn a little bit more about billiard and pool table products in general and why choosing a Guild table can provide generations of enjoyment.

Since the Middle Ages, billiard-like games have been a leisurely past-time enjoyed by many from simple peasantry to kings. The game has endured because of its mutual appeal and fairness to all.

Guild shares the old world’s belief in quality hand craftsmanship, when hours of painstaking, intricate work marked excellence. By combining new world technology with this craftsmanship, we’ve created one of the finest lines of pool tables ever built: a pool table worthy of being passed down through the generations.

Our philosophy is to over-build everything better than the best that any competitor can offer.

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  • Paladin

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  • Conquest

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  • Templar

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  • Crusader

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