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Arctic Spas Feature Spotlight: Total Access

by | Jun 3, 2021

All Arctic Spas® come standard with insulated removable access panels on all sides of the cabinet, allowing Total Access to the inner workings of your hot tub. The ability to access all the inner workings of your hot tub is pretty important. Did you know that many in the industry are still building tubs where the cabinet is completely filled with foam. The ability to easily access and view any potential issues with your tub will end up saving you money and time.

Maintenance & Repair

We understand that hot tubs are not fully invincible (yet). There are hundreds of glued, gasketed and silicone connections underneath these tubs. If you’re planning on keeping your hot tub for ten, twenty, or even thirty years, it is reasonable to expect that it may need maintenance. If you ever have trouble with an Arctic Spa, all you need to do is pop off the door. You will find that you can see everything (it is all accessible), making it very Technologically Advanced.

Arctic Spas Total Access Core series Grizzly

 If you look at hot tubs 30 years ago versus now you will see a world of difference. Now imagine what hot tubs will look like in the next 30 years! We can guarantee that, over time, hot tub technology will change.

At Arctic Spas® we pride ourselves on providing the most technologically advanced tubs available on the market. This means that we are ever-changing and adding new technology to our tubs. There is no need to trade in your spa every few years when we can simply add jets, pumps, lights, music, purification, or any other features in the future. The technological advancements never stop and neither do we! The ability to fully open up a tub makes it easy to add any configurations in a simple and timely manner, saving you from replacing your hot tub every few years.

With Arctic Spas® it’s simple. We believe having full access to every part of your hot tub is essential. By providing Total Access to our Arctic Spas®, you will always be able to ensure your tub is well maintained and up to date!