Beware Of Fake Hot Tub Expos and Spa Shows

Shop at a real store or risk getting ripped off.

Here is how it works:

One company rents a hall or exhibition center. They fill the hall with their hot tubs and their sales people, not multiple companies and brands.

Then they advertise that there is a big expo or spa show with lots of brands and companies to choose from.

People show up and fall for high pressure sales tactics and prices that seem too good to be true.

Then the company leaves town for the next fake hot tub expo/spa show on the tour. 

Sometimes your hot tub will show up, sometimes not. Sometimes it is what you expected, sometimes not. If you need advice or repairs (you will) you are on your own. If you want a refund or your deposit back, good luck.

It’s a shame this goes on in our industry, but it does, so beware. Shop at places that have permanent locations and look into the brand and company reputation and warranty.