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What Hot Tub Jets Are Right For Me?

by | Nov 19, 2020

What Hot Tub Jets Are Right For Me?

Hot tub jets are a small part of your hot tub but are a crucial part of your spa experience. Without hot tub jets, you’re sitting in a glorified bathtub. When looking for a new hot tub, the number and quality of the jets are of huge importance.  

How many jets should my hot tub have?

While a smaller hot tub might have 12 jets and a large one might have up to 60 jets. The positioning, quality, and usage of your hot tub is going to need to be considered to determine how many is right for you. It’s crucial to think about how you are going to use your hot tub before you decide on how many jets and what kind of jets are going to work best for you.  

The Right Fit

Instead of looking at how many jets. It all comes down to what you personally want to use your tub for. If you are just wanting a nice relaxing spa then a hot tub with a smaller amount of jets will perform perfectly for you.

If you are looking for a hydrotherapy massage and want to target specific body parts then you want to concentrate on the quality and the positioning of your jets instead of how many. For example, if you’re having upper back problems, a neck pillow or having your shoulders massaged might be of higher priority for you.

When buying your new hot tub make sure to check out the positioning of your jets and check how they will perform in relation to your body and how they correspond to your areas of pain. Rather than the number of jets. It’s more important to think about what you want out of your hot tub and look for one that will suit your needs the best.  

What kind of jets should my hot tub have?

The type and quality of the jets in your hot tub can make a huge difference in your spa. Other manufacturers use “directional” jets that are substituted to help cut costs while Arctic Spas® uses rotating jets. Arctic Spas® bearing-less design minimizes wear, resulting in spa jets that continue to provide an amazing moving massage while minimizing failure. Many hot tub jets use a flexible tab design to hold the jet in place. These tabs become brittle over time and snap off resulting in the failure of the jet. Arctic Spas® new thread-in design has virtually eliminated jet failure. The result is a long-lasting, amazing massage without large jet replacement costs.

How do I know which is the right hot tub for me?

There are many questions to ask before buying a hot tub. Our Arctic Spas® hot tub specialists are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to choose the right hot tub. Make an appointment for a personal or virtual consultation or download our hot tub buyer guide here.

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